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Credit Cards                                


Where You are Worth More than you Think!!!�
So Many Credit Card Companies which one is the best for you ,Its Hard To decide but Some Online Reading can save you a lot of Dough In the Future ,so check out the Credit card Companies Online before you Get one get the best Credit card with Zero transaction charges & Zero Petrol Surcharge

Seeing people buying food or shopping clothes using credit cards has been commonplace these days. The phrase "Charge it!" has become a favorite expression of card users, and has been commonly heard in shops, dining places, and elsewhere.

After all, who does not want to use these credit cards? Easy to use, these sleekly-designed cards can be used to buy practically everything in commercial establishments regardless of how much (or less) money does one carry money in his wallet. Short of cash and hungry? No grocery supplies? Going to a party but no money to buy that dress you've been drooling for? No problem! Your good ol' credit can care of that for you. No worries.

1)Always keep a good track records of your purchases

2) Look out for hidden charges in statements

3) Go with Best ,Avoid New Credit card companies that have just started ,you may end up with high fees

4)Check out Balance transfer facilities of each bank many offer 0% interest that may save you money

5) Never give your CVV(three digit numbers on back of credit card) numbers to anyone ,NOT even credit card employees to avoid fraud

6)HSBC & Standard chartered are best card Companies in industry

7)Always Try & pay Full amount due to avoid interest Charges

To get a Credit Card free Contact  for any Assistance

A credit card spree may be fun, but that doesn't free you from responsibilities in paying the expenses you incurred from using your credit card. Credit cards, after all, are interest loans in disguise. Typical credit cards ask for a number of charges, including:

"A finance charge, which is an interest charge for the unpaid portion of your monthly bill;

"An annual membership fee;

"Or if you're paying after the deadline, there is also a late payment fee which could have a higher interest rate.

In fact, many credit-card holders face credit-related problems. Poor purchasing decisions, lack of information on credit card fees, and disregard for upcoming credit payments are among the reasons why many credit-card users are often hard-pressed in paying their debts. Some are not even able to pay for the actual purchases they made, just barely managing to pay credit card company charges.

Before you get drowned in a sea of debt, here are some tips to help you manage your credit-related expenses:

"Be credit smart. Applying for a credit card application means you are ready to assume the responsibility for paying your credit. You and only you - not your parents, spouse, or whoever - is responsible for that.

"Use your credit cards wisely and sparingly. Remember: Paying goods and services using credit cards are more expensive than using cash or checks. Credit payments include interest and other fees. Use credit cards as sparingly as possible. If you really need to use credit cards, carry only the cards that you will actually use.

"Use credit only if you are sure you can repay it. Paying your debt on a credit card using another does not count.

"Avoid impulse shopping on your credit card.

"Use credit for money emergency only.
Article Source: Michael Russell
Did you know you can Get Funds at 0% Interest for a stilpulated time (viz 3 months or 6 months) depending from Company to company ,These credit cards companies give you Funds to clear off your Outstanding Payments from other credit cards at 0% Interest ,yes you heard it right 0% Interest

Its Called Balance Transfer facility ,To avail this facility just call your credit card company & if it does not have try getting a better Credit card company by learning it online so you can negotiate better with your credit card company

The balance transfer facility is offered to fetch new business. Therefore, credit card companies usually do not allow you to transfer your balance from one card to another card provided by the same issuer. For instance, you cannot transfer balances from your ICICI silver card to an ICICI gold card or vice-versa. But you can transfer your balances from ICICI silver card to ABN Amro gold card. However, the transfer request might not be accepted if you have exceeded the credit limit.

How do you go about it? Just call your corresponding credit card company & ask for a balance transfer facility form & if you dont have a credit card Get one today since its a Necessity nowadays not a Luxury

Secure Your Credit Card for Online Transactions
Why secure your card with Verified by Visa or MasterCard 3D Secure?
Starting Aug 1st kleancarsindia users won�t be able to transact using their credit card unless they have enrolled in Verified by Visa/MasterCard 3D Secure program. This is so because:

   RBI regulations require all banks to put in place a System of providing additional authentication/validation based on  information not visible on the Credit card for all online transactions.
   This would shield users from the risk of credit card fraud. During an internet purchase it is not possible to obtain customer signature and hence this RBI mandate.


How to register?

Log on to your credit card issuing bank and register your credit card. Upon registration the bank will issue a password for the card that you would use when transacting on kleancarsindia.com


HDFC Bank   State Bank of India
ICICI Bank   Axis Bank
Citibank   ABN Amro
HSBC Bank   Deutsche Bank
Standard Chartered   Karur Vysya Bank
Andhara Bank   Kotak Mahindra Bank

Note: American Express Card Members need to contact American Express to ensure that their billing address (along with the PIN Code) is up to date in American Express system. The payment gateway would then automatically verify the billing address (along with the PIN) for an attempted online transaction.


How would you transact on kleancarsindia after 1st August?

To purchase on kleancarsindia.com you would follow simple steps below:


1.   Check availability of products and proceed to make payment.
2.   You would notice Verified by Visa/3D Secure Logo on the payment page. Enter your credit card details and continue.




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