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Our Aim is to be the Best Global Auto Research & Car Portal Company By Assisting Members Creating Awareness For Buying Decisions By Providing Solutions In Markets Worldwide & Saving customers time and money since 1995

Kleancars India has served as Buyers guideline for thousands of individuals, saving them time, money, and the hassle associated with buying or leasing a car.

 to lease new and used motor vehicles and to buy and sell used motor vehicles create awareness amongst used cars buyers .

Current funding sources include some of the Nation's leading National Banks, Regional Banks and Credit Unions.

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    Kleancars India Inc
    Auto Research * & E-Commerce
    Copyright © 2004 KleancarsIndia.com
    *Auto Research solutions
    Patent No 3453789056/uc/dg All Rights reserved
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    In 1995 a young entrepreneur, mr thakker bought his first Car, a handpicked, perfect example of fine  craftsmanship. A true auto enthusiast would settle for nothing but the best. he soon found that he was not alone. People all across the country shared in his discriminating taste and sought after the highest quality  cars. mr thakker resolved to turn his passion for cars into a profitable business and began selling cars out of his own garage. His company was an instant success.

    later he combined their experience and enthusiasm to take Kleancarsindia to the next level. . With more than 50 years combined automotive experience, they resolved to be the very best and always recognize their most valuable asset, their customers. With this mission in mind, not only is each car handpicked, but the Kleancarsindia staff has been handpicked as well. Each member of the Kleancarsindia staff is a true auto enthusiast and shares in the passion for fine motoring. they have set their sights on being the best. The Auto car industry has never been the same since.




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