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Used Car Pre-Purchase Checklist





Used Car Pre-Purchase Checklist

Use this checklist to evaluate any used car you are considering buying. Following this checklist, prepared by Automotive Information Systems, assures you will cover all the bases when checking out a vehicle.

Wear old clothes. Bring a rag for handling greasy or dirty items. If desired, also bring clean paper towels and a container of hand-cleaner for cleaning up after performing the inspection.

Other items to bring:

1.      Paper and a pen Make notes about every car marking down the Car registration number, asking price, mileage, car features, what you like, and what you don't like. These notes will help you in the selection process as well as in the final deal negotiation.
2. Printed copy of this Used car checklist(JUST CLICK ON "PRINT BUTTON" TO Print.
3. Small flashlight Whether it's looking underneath the car to check for leaks and corrosion or when looking under oil cap to see the condition of internal engine parts, a small flashlight will be very handy.
4. Small magnet( a flat refrigerator magnet will do)
5. Paper towel or Napkin
6. CD-disk and tape to check the radio

7.Newspaper Old or White Paper (the size should be of an newspaper)

         Important Tips

         If you are meeting a private party to look at a vehicle, try to get there 15 to 20 minutes early. You may discover the vehicle being prepared for your visit.

                   Take time to perform an inspection to your satisfaction. Don't hurry or let yourself be rushed

                   Try to get the seller to set a time for you to see the vehicle when it has been sitting overnight. You want to see how it will start first thing in the morning

                   Always try to inspect vehicles during the day, when you can see better than at night

At some point during a test drive, try to drive at 40 to 60 Kph beside a solid center island or beside a solid side wall. Open the window halfway and listen for sounds of the vehicle echoed by the hard surface. You should only hear the sound of the tires on the roadway

  • For practice, inspect a vehicle you already own. Doing so will familiarize you with the process and also provide a reference point for vehicles you are considering for purchase.
  • Initially:
    Any "bad" records in a Car history report?
    Any maintenance records, mileage proof?
    How many previous owners?
    Why do they sell a car - tired of fixing it?
    Any accidents, engine, transmission repair?

Exterior    Start with exterior


  • Are seams where doors and fenders meet even and straight?

  • Are seams  where the hood and trunk meet the fenders even and straight?

  • Does a magnet cling to all steel body panels?

  • (Be sure to test fenders, the lower corners of doors, and rocker panels—the areas below doors.

  • If a magnet doesn't cling, suspect body filler was used to repair rust or accident damage.)

  • Are all body panels the same color?any Mismatched colors? Painting over spray?

  • Has the car been recently repainted? (Look for signs of spray paint on moldings;

  • also check the edges of the doors, hood, and trunk to be sure they are all the same color.

  • Fresh paint may cover rust that will continue to progress.)


  • Indications of possible problem: IF
    Are the exterior lines not straight? Ripples? Misaligned panels?
    Driver's door has free play in the hinges? Troubles to close?
    Are the gaps between panels too narrow (too wide) on one side of the car?
    Lots of rusty spots?
    Any panel of the car seems to be repainted?



  • Do all tires have the same amount of tread?(do The Ruppee Test Shown in How to Inspect tires)

  • Any cracks, bruises?

  • Are all tires the same size? (Check tire size markings on tire sidewalls.) Mismatched tires?


  • Important :CHECK the date on Tires ,to Confirm the Model year ,Is the date same as that of Car Year ?

  • Are all tires the same brand?

  • Is there a spare tire, jack, and lug wrench? If the vehicle has locking hubcaps,

  • is there a key for removing them?

  • Is the spare tire inflated (Press hard against the side with your thumb; the tire should be firm.)

  •  Any Damaged rims?(a major sign of problem)

  •     Vibration at high speed? Or Humming noise? (uneven tire wear?)

  •                 If Tires have irregular wear? (alignment problem)


  • Suspension

  • Does the vehicle sit level?

  • Bounce each corner of the vehicle(press downside from corners with palm of Hand)

  • . Do all corners respond the same? Does the car bounces too much when you push one of the corners down?(Corners should only bounce once or twice before stopping.,more than that indicates possible problem with suspension)



  • Do you hear a creaking noise when bouncing the vehicle's corners?

  •   Is any of shock absorbers leaking?

  •   Is any of the shock absorber boots broken?


  • During a driving test:
    Any knocking or creaking noises when driving over bumps?
                   Does the car pull aside? Is the steering wheel out of center?
                   Does the vehicle feel unstable on a freeway?
                   Any humming or growling noise?


Frame (It is always better if you get the frame checked at Ramp Check at Authorised workshop)

Examine inside trunk, wheel wells, and under hood. Do you see areas that look like they have been crumpled and straightened?

Look underneath each side of the vehicle for a row of holes in the frame just inside the vehicle's outer  edge. Do holes appear scratched or recently cleaned?

 (If so, suspect the frame has been straightened after a crash.)



  • Interior

  • Is upholstery in good condition? (Look for tears, stains, and burns.) Is the driver seat / steering wheel

  • worn excessively? If yes indicates rough usage & should coordinate with high mileage

  • Are the dashboard and headliner in good condition?

  • Do seats adjust easily?

  • Are any window cranks, door locks, handles, dash controls or similar items missing?

  • Do all interior lights and dash bulbs work?

  • Does carpet condition match the age of the vehicle?

  • Does carpeting smell of mildew or stale water, suggesting moisture underneath (or worse, flood damage

  • Dampness under the carpet or in the trunk?)?

  • Check under the dash at the top of the carpet. Are there stains suggesting heater core or air conditioner leakage?



  •  Has the odometer any evidences of being tampered?(like broken or scratches in the glass of                  instrument panel!

  •   Any of warning lights come during driving


  • Other basic Things to check !
    Does the Radio / CD / Tape work?

    Does the air conditioner provide really cold air?
    Are the power locks, windows, mirrors, sunroof, etc. working?
    Are the heater, rear window defogger working?
    Wind noise while driving?

    Do you feel comfortable in driver's place?
    Seats, seat belts, mirrors, controls, steering, visibility?
    Spare tire, jack, wheel wrench?



Do all accessories, such as the heater, air conditioner, audio system, and alarm system, operate fully?

Test all functions of each.



Engine Compartment

Are there signs of oil or fluid leaks or Coolant leakage ?

Run the engine at full operating temperature. Are there abnormal smells that might be due to leaking

fluids on hot engine parts?

Are there unusual noises, such as clattering or metallic sounds, or sharp hissing, in the engine

compartment when the engine is running? (Normal sound is smooth whirring of belts and fan.)

Does anything appear to be missing? (Look for shiny or clean areas where parts may have been removed.)

 Indications of possible engine problem (IF):
Any oil or coolant leaks from the engine?
Is the engine dirty or oily?
Is the oil level low? Is the oil on the dipstick too dark?
Any indication of poor quality repair work / lack of maintenance?

 (e.g. battery terminals are badly corroded , or very low oil level, etc.)
Start the engine:
Does it work unevenly?
Any knocking, pinging, whistling?
Any smoke? (slight water steam is OK)
Any warning lights come on while the engine is running?
"Check engine" light?
Is the engine oil pressure too low at idle?
Any hesitation on acceleration?
Is the engine enough powerful?
Does it look very dirty under the oil cap?
Smell of the burnt oil under the Bonnet?


Under the Vehicle

Are there fluid leaks on the underside of the engine and transmission, at axle ends, at brake line

 connections, or on the ground beneath the vehicle? Green fluid is usually coolant; reddish fluid is

usually power steering or transmission fluid; dark brown or black fluid is usually oil or brake fluid.

Are any parts loose, with the exception of exhaust parts slung from flexible rubber "donuts"?

Does anything appear missing, such as bolts, clamps, brackets or cables?

Are exhaust system parts rusty?

Are there marks from scrapes, indicating the car has bottomed out on rocks or pavement?

Examine exhaust when the car is operating at normal temperature. Do you see white or blue smoke? (Both can indicate an engine problem, especially if the smoke burns your eyes. A small amount of steam is normal, especially in cold weather.)





Does the engine start easily?

Does the engine stall at any time?

Does the engine idle smoothly?

Does the idle speed seem too slow or fast?

Does the engine hesitate or stumble on acceleration? (stumbles when you press on accelerator)

Does the engine run smoothly during operation?

Does the engine seem to lack power?

If the vehicle has cruise control, do all features work correctly?

Do engine or other system warning lights appear?

Does the engine diesel (continue running) when shut off?




Transmission and Clutch

Is automatic shifting smooth?

On a manual-transmission  vehicle, is take-off smooth, without grabbing or jerking?

On a manual- transmission

 vehicle, accelerate hard in a higher gear (third or fourth) or while going uphill. If engine RPM on RPM

Meter rises without a corresponding increase in vehicle speed, the clutch could be slipping.

It may need to be adjusted or replaced.

On a manual- transmission  vehicle, try shifting to a lower gear when going slowly.

Does the transmission shift easily, without grinding?

 The manual transmission:
Any leaks?
Any noises while driving?
Any troubles changing gears?
Is the clutch slipping?
Any trouble to shift into reverse?

Possible automatic transmission problems:
Any previous transmission repair? Was it rebuilt?(avoid if rebuilt)
Does the transmission fluid smell burnt?
Is the tranny fluid on the dipstick too dark/dirty?
Start the engine and try to switch from P to D and from P to R holding the brakes -
Is the time between shifting and the moment the transmission kicks in too long?
Any strong noises or jerks?
During a test drive:
Any delays or troubles shifting?
Any unwanted shaking? Does the transmission slip or jerk hardly?
The shifting of  Gears seems to be delayed?
Does the kick-down function work?


For 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Engage 4-wheel drive only on soft surfaces unless the owner's manual specifically says the feature

can be used on hard-surfaced roads. On a suitable surface, test-drive the vehicle in forward and

reverse with 4-wheel drive engaged. Does the vehicle shift smoothly in both directions?

Turn tight corners to the right and left. Are there clunking sounds or other noises?

Do the wheels bind or pull, whether turning or going straight?




Apply the brakes several times at different speeds. Also try a sudden stop. Does the vehicle pull

to one side when brakes are applied?

Do brakes stop the vehicle adequately?

If the vehicle has antilock brakes (ABS), try stopping suddenly. Do wheels lock?

(A pulsing brake pedal is normal.)

Does the parking brake hold firmly and release completely?


 The brakes. Possible problem:
Is the brake Oil  container leaky any visible signs ?
Is the brake fluid oil too low?
Brake pedal goes down to the floor? Is Break pedal is too soft (spongy)? Too hard?

Any brake Oil leaks under the car?
Badly corroded brake lines? Brake rotors appear corroded? During the test drive.
Any brake pedal or steering pulsation while braking?

Any grinding noise whenyou press on brake pedal while driving?
Does the brake warning light or ABS light come on while driving?



Does the vehicle pull to one side during normal operation?


Is steering difficult at any speed?

Turn sharply in both directions. Do you hear clunking or other noises, or feel rubbing or binding?

Does the vehicle shake or vibrate while moving? (Take the vehicle up to freeway speed for this test.)

Is the steering wheel centered when the vehicle is traveling straight ahead?



Other Concerns

  • Is there evidence of flood damage?. Signs are upholstery and carpet stains, odor, rust in normally dry areas such as beneath the dashboard and inside the glove compartment, powdery green or white residue inside lowest electrical connectors.

  • Request and review the service records, receipts and RC BOOK(CERTFICATE OF REGISTRATION) & INSURANCE PAPERS

  • Is the owners' manual in the vehicle? How about the operating instructions for any accessories, and any warranty information that still applies to items like tires and exhaust?

  • Are previous repair and service records available? (Complete records are a sign that the owner has taken good care of the vehicle.)

  • Does seller have clear title to vehicle? (NO HPA OR LOANS ON RC)

  • ASK FOR Service Book ,& Perform History Check

  •  Have a specialist or mechanic inspect your vehicle selection(Recommeded)




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