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FAQ's Continued.....
FAQ's Continued.....9- What is the Kleancars india Inspection & Road Test?

Now consumers can get two indispensable tools they need to make a smart used car choice at 1) Car program ''How to buy Cars '' & Vehicle History Report and a Kleancars india Inspection & Road Test.

The Kleancars india Inspection & Road Test includes:
- 150-point inspection
- 2 to 5 kms road test
- Inspection completed at the vehicle's location.
- Detailed Inspection Report emailed to you within 24 hours of the completed inspection.

The Kleancars india Inspection & Road Test is an extra service started on Huge response from members & is NOT COMPULSORY ,,you can use your own mechanic for inspection also ,after Buying our Car Program .It is not required you buy this service .

1-How does the Kleancars India Inspection & Road Test work?

Once you purchase the Kleancarsindia Inspection & Road Test, Kleancars immediately starts working to complete your inspection in less than 72 hours.

Here�s what we do:
1. You provide the location of the vehicle and, if you are the buyer, the seller�s contact information to Kleancars India.
2. Kleancars India contacts the seller to schedule an inspection and road test.
3. Kleancars India sends you an email letting you know what time the inspection will take place and where.
4. Kleancars India completes the Inspection & Road Test
5. A link to your detailed Kleancars Inspection & Road Test Report is emailed to you within 24 hours of the completed inspection

2-Can buyers and sellers purchase a Kleancars India Inspection & Road Test service?

Absolutely! The seller or a representative of the seller must be present at the time of the inspection. If you are the buyer, you MUST obtain the seller�s permission for Kleancars India to contact them and perform the inspection. We also require the buyer to provide us with the seller�s contact information during the purchase process

3 -Where is the Kleancars India Inspection & Road Test completed?

Kleancars India inspects vehicles wherever it is convenient � home, office, or any other location. Our inspectors work 7 days a week. After an inspection is ordered, one of our Customer Service Representatives will call the seller to schedule a convenient time and place. Kleancars India is looking to provide you with a convenient, independent inspection from a source you can trust

5-How do I purchase a Kleancars India Inspection & Road Test Service ?

Getting a vehicle inspected and taken for a professional test drive is a smart choice before buying a vehicle. To purchase a Kleancars india Inspection & Road Test you must first purchase Our Car Program ''How to buy Cars ''the Amateurs guide & . You can buy an Inspection directly from the Vehicle History Report section for the vehicle you are interested in & there is Form Provided . Kleancars India will complete the inspection and send you a detailed report within 72 hours of your purchase. .

6. The Rs 1100/=(INR) or$24.95 US - is that a recurring fee? Are there any other fees?

You pay only a one-time Kleancars India registration fee of Rs1100/-(INR)or $24.95 US. This is for unlimited access to the Kleancars india Car Program 'How to By cars'' The Amateurs guide on & , which is updated regularly and always details the best and most up-to-date , Car Buying InformationTaking a risk out of used car buying processplus tips, tricks and strategies.

We accept only Indian Rupees(INR) & US funds(USD). If you're paying online via credit card or check and The INR(Indian rupees) or the US dollar is not your native currency, our payment processor or your bank will handle the conversion automatically. If you're mailing in a check or money order, it must be payable in INR(Indian Ruppees) orUS funds.

You do not have to pay any other fees, to us or anyone else.

7. I don't understand ... why does Kleancars India have a membership fee?

The most difficult part about buying a used cars & getting the right Information is finding and sorting through all the Car programs out there And watch out - some of them are affiliated with the very Car dealerships, insurance companies, and n repair shops(garages) that thrive on your wallet. Exposing the tactics of these professionals to the public would jeopardize their relationships with these important business allies - you get the picture.

It would probably take you months to find, evaluate, and keep track of all the good ones!

The service we provide will save you a tremendous amount of time, hassle, and trial and error versus trying to do it all yourself.You�re going to save time, money, and aggravation. You�ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you�ve been vulnerable to. Not Just for starters,who are buying a car for First time & Also here are ways to put wads of cash back in your pocket, the next time you buy or lease a vehicle� We have years of experience with Auto Industry, and - and it's updated regularly.

Plus, Plus tips, tricks, and strategies that the CAR Dealers would NOT want YOU to Know ,to help you get started as quickly as possible.
In short, the small one-time fee is required because we spend a tremendous amount of time finding, researching, and evaluating , developing our Car Program , and making it all available to you. You'll find it's a tremendous value.

5. Can i Pay by Credit Card I'd like to start right now - is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes, most definitely. In fact, believe it or not, the statistics say that it's safer to use your credit card online than it is to give your credit card to the kid at 7-11 or at the petrol pump station.

Your registration will be processed via paypal's SSL-encrypted secure servers, the industry standard, for a safe online transaction. Your information is safe and secure! just click on the VISA OR MATERCARD IKON ON LEFT SIDE OF THE HOME PAGE(Starting page) & follow Instructions after you click on The VISA OR MATERCARD IKON ON LEFT SIDE OF THE HOME PAGE

3. Ok, but why can't you just take the fee out of the Car Listings or Car Sales Revenue earnings?

We would if we could, but that just isn't possible since we are not the ones who will be Selling Cars to you Nor Do we Charge Our Members Any Charges for Listing their Cars on our site ,Its an added Feature for our Members . You may want to read some of the other FAQs on this page that go into more detail,

What we do is provide you with access to our Car program'' How to buy Cars '' The Amateurs Guide on, that lists all information Taking a risk out of used car buying process and opportunities - updated regularly.In our private members-only CD you'll have unlimited access to our Program ''HOW TO BUY CARS''-The Amateurs Guide on ,of the very best Car Buying Information, and it's updated regularly.

... Plus tips, tricks, and strategies that the CAR Dealers would NOT want YOU to Know ,to help you get started as quickly as possible. & also Completing the paperwork while taking delivery ,inshort ,Step by Step Guide right from Locating Car to taking delivery & completing ALL the paperwork
But that's not all. We have a lot of experience and in our Intro guide we also provide tips, tricks and strategies to help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure you get off to a fast start, PLUS special software that'll Help you Ascertain Interest Rates of Banks/Dealers so that you know what youre charged & also Plan Your Budget & save THOUSANDS On Bank Loans!
There's over 20 Lakh total accidents/wrecks a year. Chances are that you are buying one of them. It happens every day to people who email me. Don't think it won't happen to you! Almost everyone I know has bought a used car that they later found out was in a wreck.
Basically we provide everything you need to take advantage of HOW TO BUY CARS'
, and an easy-to-use web-based software system

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