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Reviews ,MEMBERS OPIONIONS & Feedbacks...
Reviews ,MEMBERS OPIONIONS & Feedbacks...

The Best Car Program On Car Purchases,
This was to the point. At last, an honest, straightforward method for Buying cars that is

easy to follow. Anyone who says different may be a competitor or possibly suffer from a very low IQ. It is absolutely the best guidance cum training I have ever had. I think customers alike could learn from a lot . kleancars india takes all the mud slinging out of the buying process
-John Ricoli-Goa
I was very skeptical about joining, but I was immediately impressed. I've purchased the car of my dreams & saved on thousands on ruppees i could have wasted on a wrong decision in choosing a car . All this in just one week! - rahul nath -Delhi
I wasconfused before i bought this book. But I'm not anymore. Unlike most how to books ''How to buy Cars'' actually walked me step by step through a process that causes me to buy cars over
Kleancars India has done an excellent job of cutting out all the unnecessary hasles and reducing this car program down to and easy to follow no nonsense process for how to buy cars& what paperwork to do ,how to aviod scams . Its a common man's guiding star in auto industry -KRISNAKANT RAO-CHENNAI
I signed up and had a question about getting started. I emailed Customer Service and was totally blown away by the prompt response. Not a day, not an hour, but minutes within sending my inquiry, I had my answer ... Thank you KleanCars india so much for your timely solution ... - Krishnamurthy D., Van, CA
I would like to start by saying Thanks to Kleancars India ,with no experience and they helped me .It WAS my first car & i was so scared to buy a used car with problems assosiated but budget did not permit to buy a new car It was an exhilarating feeling to finally have the edge on the salesman & mechanics. I knew exactly what he was setting me up for and how to beat him at his own game... by the way, I bought the car at under dealer cost & surprised him by informing him the paperwork required instead of him telling me .
---Paul Ronald india

I could not grasp the corruption that happens everyday behind our backs,...I would never have imagined... your enlightenment was absolutely amazing! The first chapter alone was worth hundreds of times over.

Rahul Shah-India ____________________________________________________________________________
Kleancars India has been very informative for laying out the steps on approaching a SELLER and successfully closing a deal. I look forward to utilizing my new skills and being successful in purchasing my next car.Thanks you people are doing a great job
--Gabriel Thomas GOA,india
I learned a great deal of information from your Car program, I was new ,but now i feel confident, but I learned many more aspects of purchasing than I ever imagined. The training is thorough and I will recommend it to anyone who is either a first time buyer or is the owner to give themselves another a vast of knowledge .
--Mrs Reena Fernandes,India
Since I�m a woman, mechanics and car salesman used to take advantage of me. Not anymore. Now I always know what questions to ask. I walk away from every transaction knowing I got the best deal possible. And I no longer fall for hidden charges. Now you can have the same peace of mind.& thanks to my cousin who shown me this wonderfull site.
MS cathy rosewood -vg Vancouver


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