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Buy cars anywhere across the Globe ,Many car Companies Offer

Pre Owned Used cars low mileage ,with service history with great savings

& package with extended warranties on used cars & more

Masserati  ,Porsche are the new in thing but there are lots more as per your budget

& lowest prices you'll be surprised to find a Bargain & value for your money.

The best part about buying a used car is you can own it in your budget &  with all Bells

& whistles(features) of a new car .There are many companies Listing pre owned cars

& you can get a Mercedes or Porsche or a Toyota or a Volkswagen or a Masserati or

a Opel or a Audi or a skoda for cheap Because their costs are less & they comply to

 strict quality & cost control & most of all You get a Direct Deal No Middlemen Involved ,

No Hidden costs ,No freebies

There are plenty out there for you to change your mind over & over again

Used Car Pre-Purchase ChecklistClick Here

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You’ve made the decision to Safeguard & better your Purchase , to be the best, to become successful car owner . You are determined and focused. You are hungry for knowledge. You realize that learning is the first step to take along

And you’ve found an excellent resource in “How to Buy  Cars”-The Amateurs Guide on .

By Kleancars india. Through many years of hard work and dedication, we did exactly that. And the program you are about to go ahead  is the outline for success that  has drawn. This presentation is designed to prepare you and give you the necessary knowledge you’ll need to succeed in the buying a  car. It has been carefully prepared, and much time has been taken to ensure the information you are about to receive is precisely what you will need to know when you look out to buy a car  of your choice.. Although what you are about to learn will bring you amazing results; there is no magic or trickery to be learned here.

We’ll give you practical guidance on how to conduct yourself through a methodical Series of steps that we call  “The Successful path to Car Purchase ”

The “The Successful path to Car Purchase ”is a step-by-step process from Locating a car to taking delivery of the vehicle successfully.,& completing all the required Legal  Paperwork in the process & not to forget we have highlighted the TIPS & tricks used by dealers& some things They don’t want you to know !

It begins with you making a positive first impression upon as a new car buyer, and ends...well, it never really ends. So let’s begin with you forgetting any preconceptions you may have about car purchases today -

they’re all false. You see, your success in this profession will hinge on what you may consider an unlikely quality, but one that you must cultivate and protect Your Integrity. Integrity means many things, so let’s consider Webster’s definitions and we’ll interpret them in the context of your new step in automobile purchases

Before you get started, a little preparation is in order. A little preparation goes a long way towards helping you Best car purchase decisions . Before you get started, please read the following introduction to ensure that you get off to a fast start ...


Though we have covered Buying process of New Cars & used cars ,we cover the topics step by step for used car

By purchasing a used car you can save a lot of money. You could buy a loaded model with all the  rings & whistles that you might not be able to afford had you bought a new car. A new car depreciates quickly in the first few years and after 2 years it is worth only about 60-70% of the original price. In fact, as soon as you leave the dealership, your new vehicle is suddenly worth a few lacks  less. If you are looking for a new model, buying a used car of the same style, only a couple of years old, can really be a good deal. The biggest percentage (approximately 20 percent) of a new car's value is lost in the first year of ownership. Accessories such as expensive stereo systems, power assists and convenience options are far less a factor in resale pricing.

In addition, by the time a vehicle is a couple of years old, even minor problems should have been discovered and corrected

When purchasing a new car you basically are paying for its fresh "new" aroma and warranty. However, buying a new car does not always mean the buyer will get perfection. A new car may come with problems associated with poor design or manufacturing defects that may have been already repaired during the warranty coverage period if it's a used car. The same is true for all kinds of recalls and campaigns.
Buying a used car is still a bit of a gamble - there is no guarantee that the car is accident-free, has real mileage, and was properly maintained. There may be some hidden problems like a worn out automatic transmission, or engine problems that may not have been obvious when you test-drove the car. So, next you must ask yourself: Will I save money when buying a used car? How do I eliminate the risk of potential problems and is this actually possible to do? Read on to find out more information.

Taking a risk out of used car buying process

First, be prepared. Do as much research as you can. Read reviews, consumer reports, ask colleagues and friends, compare options, gather petrol/diesel fuel) consumption data on the make and model you're interested in. Try to determine maintenance costs and upkeep, etc. Your goal should be to narrow your search to one or two models. Why? Because if you just enter a dealership without knowing what you want, chances are more likely than not that you won't be happy with your purchase. Later you may find out that it's simply not exactly what you wanted or what you can afford. Someone I know bought a used Chevrolet  for quite a reasonable price. When he went for servicing, they discovered that the rear shock absorber was leaking. The price for the part alone was close to Rs50,000/=! Finally, he sold his Chevrolet and bought a used Honda city that proved less expensive to maintain.
Another purpose to narrow your choice down to one or two different models is because when you test-drive a few different cars of the same model, it will be much easier for you to compare their condition and pick the best one. Recognizing a transmission problem during your test drive would be easier to do if you were to try a few vehicles of the same model instead of becoming confused by testing out different models.

Second, without a doubt, you should check a car's history records. This will help you to eliminate half of the vehicles from your list with potential problems. Vehicles that have been flooded or restored after serious accidents, those with rolled back odometers (changing kms to less than actual ), heavily abused vehicles (e.g., ex-rentals), those with outstanding liens (bank HPA), etc., can be eliminated after simply checking the history record of the vehicle. In fact, it is not even a good idea to look into a car until you check its history.
To learn further How To check a car's history click on this link: How to check a car history by the Chassis No & Car Registration number . & we’ll come to that in detail later

Third, Don't buy based on what you've been told because it may not always be the truth. Check out the car yourself very carefully. Ask a knowledgeable person who knows about cars to help you.
Check my Illustrated used car checklistClick Here to learn what to look for in a used car.
As a final step, bring the car to the mechanic you trust for an inspection. A word of caution, NEVER give a deposit before the car is inspected.

Fourth, Be extremely careful when doing the paperwork. For example, if you buy from a private owner, make sure there are no registered liens(Bank HPA on RC Book,In simple words BANk LOan) against the vehicle and that the person who signs the Bill of Sale is the actual owner of the car. Check with the Vehicle Registration Authorities to make sure the car has not been stolen.If There was An HPA(Bank Loan) was it cancelled .It should show in the RC book ,we’ll show you how to see If Bank HPA is cancelled it in later stages
If buying from a dealer, read the warranty policy and all the papers including the fine print very carefully. If it's a "Certified" used car, you'd be wise to check exactly what items were checked off and approved because sometimes the car might have a history of an accident in the past, come with a poorly maintained engine and still be Certifiable. Do not rely on a salesperson's verbal promises. Whatever is promised, get it in details in writing. Find out if the remaining original warranty will be transferred into your name. Different manufacturers have different warranty policies. For questions about vehicle registration, change of ownership, legal aspects, etc., contact your local Vehicle Registration authorities . Or Check out the registration Section

Steps To Used Car Buying Success in brief

Now we are going to start from Basics ,so Even if you may  know some of these Basics in The first & 2nd Chapters Please be patient since we have designed this program taking into consideration A first time Car buyer with Absolutely No knowledge about cars ,but Do read it , even the Pro's may get Good Tips & some things that might be of interest to you & no doubt as you go Ahead we give more depth Info & every details you might want to know to buy a used car !so lets get started !

STEP 1:- )  Search online used car classifieds and your local newspaper


Newspaper automotive classifieds are narrowly focused with limited market area.  You want used car sites  with thousands of cars listed.  Savvy consumers sell used cars online on cheaper and heavily traveled auto classified web sites.  Many services keep your ad online until your car sells, which newspapers don't do.  This is an advantage of used car classified websites, many have 200,00 or more cars listed. This is a powerful way to research and locate cars, new or used.  Many web sites give you a list of available cars in your area, based on your choices.  Below mentioned Internet Resources gives you our picks



                              Finding out as much as possible about an advertised vehicle before you go to see it.

                              Getting an early read on the seller, whether it's an individual or a dealership, to try and reduce your chances of buying someone else's problems.


How to read ads

Here is the list of some abbreviations I found in various car ads:


- Emission test.

Cert. or Fully Cert.

- Safety sertificate

Fac wty.

- factory warranty

5 spd. or stn. or stan.

- manual (5 speed) transmission

Air or A/C or Aircond

- air conditioner

Rs250000/best or Rs250000 o.b.o

- Rs250000 or best offer

alum. whls or alloys

- alloy wheel disks (rims)


- hatchback


- wagon


- Power windows, Power steering, Power lock,

Loaded or fully loaded

- means the car has many power accessories; PW, PL, PS, etc.


- 150,000 kms or miles

This week special!

- usually means that no one wants to buy this car


Consumer AlertTip: Tens of thousands of flooded and totaled used cars from Mumbai floods 26/7
When heavy rains of  26/7 struck Mumbai india in july, 2005, it was one of the worst natural disasters to hit india. Aside from death and destruction, few people know what happened to the tens of thousands of cars that were totaled, most of them flooded by floods , storm surge and the flooding all of Mumbai suburbs & outskirts .  Many car dealer lots had hundreds of cars completely submerged under water.  After insurance claims, these cars will have their titles branded as totaled or flooded, then they’ll be shipped to other states so their titles can be laundered back to normal status, while latent water damage corrodes the electronics. It is more important than ever for you to run a  Vehicle History Report on every used car you look at, because you can’t afford to be stuck with a previously flooded or totaled vehicle

From a dealer or from private owner

Many people ask me to recommend a place where they could get a good reliable used car without being ripped off. As far as I can see there is no such a perfect place - good cars and lemons(accident cars) sold everywhere and everywhere you can be ripped off.
Here are few possible choices:
1. New car dealership
New car dealers like maruti true value outlets  or Brand new car showrroms like vitesse ,Sai Service Mumbai   always have one-owner trade-ins(means Usually new car owners exhange their used cars for New ) or lease returns with all maintenance records and chances are high that you can find there accidents-free well maintained used car in a good shape. But these cars are usually more expensive and still there is no 100% warranty that you won't get a lemon(an accident car).
2. Independent used car dealership
At independent used car dealership cars are usually cheaper, but more chances to get ripped off or get an accident car/ lemon hidden under "this week special" or something like this. Plus, more used cars possible have the odometer rolled back(means their kms are reversed & tampered).
3. Private owner
Private owners usually sell used cars cheaper, and they are more flexible on price. The best scenario would be if it's first original owner of the car and all the maintenance records available. But be aware, if you're buying a used car "as is" means there is no warranty and in most cases if the car breaks down even very next day, you can do nothing about it. Buying from private owner you should make sure that the person is the real owner of the car, and the car has no liens(Bank Loans/bank HPA) or any other legal obligations. If you want to know how transfer an ownership, how to register the vehicle, or how to check it for liens, see the  Transfer section . Follow this link
Vehicle Registration &transfer The same will hold true if you purchase from a private owner. You may save some money because you don't have to pay the dealer's profit, but you should be prepared to spend the extra time and energy to look at numerous vehicles before making your choice If you buy from a private seller, it's "As Is", you have no choice,  Have a good mechanic perform an inspection of the car.  Why should you spend money on a mechanic?  I'd rather spend a few rupees  on a mechanic now, than RS70000INR  on repairs later when the suspension gives in  & the axle falls off. The mechanic is a great investment if it alerts you to a costly engine repair that even the seller was unaware of.

Buying from an Auction

It's highly not recommended to buy a car from an auction unless someone knowledgeable can inspect the car for you and the history report doesn't show anything bad.
Why? Because, since in most cases used cars are being sold "as is", an auction is a good place to sell vehicles that otherwise will be difficult to get rid of. Which means among the repossessed vehicles, theft recovery, etc., there are many lemons(accident cars), such as those reconditioned after serious crashes or others with expensive-to-fix problems

Auto Brokers - If you hate the whole car-hunting experience, don't have the time, or are weak at negotiating, consider going through an auto broker to find your next vehicle.  Brokers can find a vehicle that matches your specifications, find the best financing, negotiate for you, and deliver the vehicle to your doorstep.  If you have a trade, they'll find a buyer for it as well (don't expect more than wholesale for it).  Your check to the dealer will normally include their fee, which will range from 1% to 2% on the sale price  depending on the vehicle.  Surprisingly, you won't pay any more for the vehicle than if you negotiated on your own behalf, or bought it on the internet from a delaer.  A broker may be able to buy cars at below dealer rates .  Fleet sales managers like to deal with brokers, because, knowing exactly what they want and what to pay, with a guaranteed customer,  they represent a fast, easy sale that helps to increase the year-end bonus.  The best way to find a broker is by word of mouth.  They do the bulk of their business with small-business owners, corporate executives, doctors, and lawyers.  Make sure you deal with a broker that someone you know has dealt with more than once.  Brokers try very hard to establish long-term relationships with their clients, so dishonest brokers don't stay in business for long.  Even if they don't get you a good deal, you may find that the convenience they offer offsets the money they earn.

Classified Ads & Automotive Tabloids - A lot of information, as well as cars, can be found in newspaper classifieds and automotive tabloids like the Times drive or Auto Trader.  The first has listings for cars and a multitude of other second-hand merchandise, while the latter specializes in motor vehicles.  These publications will give you a good idea of what vehicles are available in your area, and their fair market values.  Independent used car dealers advertise heavily in these publications, so you'll get retail prices as well.   Although private individuals are a source of used vehicles, keep in mind they don't necessarily offer a better deal than independent used-car dealers.  If the owner's schedule conflicts with yours, test-driving and mechanical inspections may be more difficult to arrange.  You should inquire about previous maintenance, repairs, and accidents, but don't expect the previous owner to be 100% honest with you


Traditional Used-Car Dealers - Most used-car dealers offer dependable transportation at a reasonable price.  Look for a dealer who specializes in the brand or type of vehicle you're looking for.  If they're specialists, chances are better that problems characteristic of the make and model have been discovered and taken care of, as they often operate a repair facility as well.   Specialists will usually give you a more honest appraisal of potential problems you may experience down the road.  

Friends, Neighbors, & Relatives - Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives about the cars they own and question others driving cars that interest you.  This can be an easy way to find a good car, since you know the owner and can find out how it was treated.  Friends and relatives are usually happy to sell their cars for the amount of their lease buyout or trade-in, so speak up if you're interested in their current ride.  Never, never buy a problem car from a family member or someone you know.  Many friendships have ended due to cars needing expensive repairs.  Make sure any car you acquire this way is thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic before you finalize any deals.

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